I had a sad

Well, yesterday was Emma’s first day of school.  I was both excited for it to come and dreading it at the same time.  It saddens me some to see that my babies are no longer tiny little toddlers but it also makes me happy to see them having new adventures and experiences. 

I got her up at 6:45am and as she was brushing her teeth, she asked me why I woke her when it was dark still.  I had to laugh at that.  I explained to her that she has to get up that early everyday now for school.  When Dan got up a minute later, she whispered to him with a big grin on her face ‘Daddy, I’m awake and it’s still dark out!’.  You would have thought that was the most important part of the day. 

Gerrit woke up a few minutes later crying.  He had had a bad dream and wasn’t quite realizing that it was over.  He was blubbering about not being hungry and he wanted to play in the snow.  I kept telling him that it was going to be over 90 degrees today and I promise there isn’t any snow outside but he’s a stubborn bug.  I finally convinced him that if he found some snow, I would let him play in it immediately.  I was glad Dan was still home to help me or I think it would have been miserable.

I managed to get Emma to eat 1/2 of a mini bagel (that was harder than you think) and drink a yogurt on the way to school.  I knew the parking lot would be a madhouse and planned on having to walk a ways to get her to her front door.  As I expected, there were cars everywhere.  Parked on the lawn and down the street.  Back lot, front lot, they were all full.  We started our hike to her teacher who would be standing out front to make the first day easier.  I tried to take a couple of pictures but Emma had crammed a huge piece of bagel in her mouth and had it sticking in her cheek like a chipmunk.  I’m telling her to hurry up and chew it and let’s go.  Can’t be late the first day!

  Walking to the front door

 Time for one quick picture

We get to her teacher and while I’m reintroducing Emma to her and explaining that her rock (needed for a school project) was in her backpack, I look down and Gerrit has attacked Emma.  Well… lovingly.  He threw his arms around her and gave her the biggest smooch.  Emma started cracking up and I tried to catch my kodak moment.  Ever the goofball, he helped to distract me from being a sobbing wreck.  I gave Emma a quick kiss and told her to have fun.  Then Gerrit and I walked back to the van.  It seemed like a long walk even though it really wasn’t.  I was just trying to choke down my mommy tears and my disdain for crying in public only takes me so far.  I managed to make it to the van and actually never cried… just tears welling up.  That’s not really crying is it?

 Emma laughing because of Gerrit’s sneak attack kiss 

  Posing together one last time before we leave

Gerrit starts preschool on Monday and I’m sure that will be tough too.  His classroom is way down a long hallway so I’ll have a big walk back to the van.  I’m taking reinforcements though… Sandy will be coming with me.  Hard to believe my babies are both going to school.  I guess that leaves more room for wine, huh? 😉

Thanks to my friend, Nicole, for the picture above.  I was in a grumpy mood when she emailed it to me and it did make me feel better.  Thanks!



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3 Responses to I had a sad

  1. What beautiful children they are. Have a great time at school, Emma!

  2. Duh says:

    So how did it go?? Did she have lots of stories to tell you?

  3. Chris says:

    She did have a great day. I have some videos but youtube is being weird and I gave up for the moment on uploading them. I’ll have to post them as soon as I can get them on there.

    She didn’t tell me a lot about her first day but she was super duper excited about what she got from her teacher. That’s one video and she assured me that she had eaten her snack. I had her show me the bag and it looked like they were all there so I asked her how many she ate. She smiled really big and proudly said “TWO!”. Ha ha Too bad they were those little Ritz Bitz Peanut Butter crackers. Don’t think 2 is going to do the trick Em but nice try.

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