8 miles got nothing on me

Saturday was our 8 mile run.  We drove out to Megan’s house to run along the Thornapple River instead of trying to wind and weave thru residential streets.  We started out good with a plan.  We would run to the trail which was 0.7 miles from her driveway and then the trail was 3.6 miles.  We figured if we ran until Dan’s Garmin told us we had gone 4.25 miles and then turn around, we would be set.  There was a big hill at the beginning of the run that we wanted to work in.  Sounded good and we took off.

Our pace was strong and we were making our way to the end of the trail.  I told them when the Garmin said 4.20 and we turned around.  As we ran back, I noticed how quick we seemed to be traveling.  I looked at the readings from the Garmin and saw we were running a really good pace.  7.4 mph average!  The miles were flying by and we all felt fantastic.  Eventually, I looked down and saw we were already at 7.50 miles!  How did that happen?  I asked Megan where the end of the trail was and she said we still have probably another mile.  Well… that doesn’t make sense.  We spent the next 1/2 mile debating how this had happened.  She was positive Garmin was lying to us and I had to reassure her that it was impossible for it to.  It was decided that we would finish the trail no matter how much further it was. 

And so we did.  Our official run for Saturday was 8.9 miles and we did it in 1hr 10 min!!!  That’s less than 8 min miles.  We were so proud of ourselves.  Not only were our times so much better than they had ever been, we ran further than we had ever thought we could AND we felt fantastic.  It was truly a mental barrier busting day!  Here we had fretted about adding 2 more miles to our longest run (6miles previously) and we demolished that fear.  Next Saturday is 10 miles and I totally know we can do it!  If we would have had to on this Saturday, we could have done another one.  I’m glad we didn’t 😉  But we could have.  It’s amazing how much of running is mental. 

When I was driving out to Megan’s house before the run, I called Dan to tell him that I’d be running for a long time and don’t call.  He gave me some encouragement and reminded me that it was going to be really hard but don’t quit.  I don’t know why he said that!  We would never quit.  I know he was trying to give me a pep talk but that’s not how I roll.  We must be making it look like a lot of fun though because he said that he will be training with us next year!  That makes me happy.


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  1. That’s great!!! Almost there. 🙂

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