Gerrit’s first day of school

Gerrit started preschool last week and I handled it better than I thought I would.  As always, I dropped Emma off for school first and then we picked up Nadia.  We came home for 1/2 hr until it was time to bring Gerrit.  As we drove home from getting Nadia, it kind of hit me and I got my teary eyes out of the way then.

When we pulled up at his school, he was so excited.  He got his backpack on and looked like such a big boy.  We walked to the main door and I took a couple pictures.  He kept putting his shoulders up for some reason right when I was going to snap the picture.

  Looking at the letter G above the door

  Standing outside his school

  Outside his classroom

  Making his first new friend over Dinosaurs

 He’s already forgot about me.  Time to leave

I brought him into his classroom and introduced him to the boy in this picture.  He happily started playing and I took it as my cue to leave.  He’s been so excited since he started school and he’s been keeping track of how many times he’s gone to gym.  Gym and snack time are his 2 favorite things so far.

It’s amazing though because since he started school last week, we can already see a difference in his maturity.  We’ve been working on him not crying when he’s frustrated and doing big boy things but nothing has done the trick like school has.  I know it is going to be a great thing for him and I’m excited for him to start doing more with letters and numbers.

Gerrit getting ready to go inside his school.  He was very fascinated with the G that was posted over the main doors. 

Coming out of his classroom after his first day of school


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One Response to Gerrit’s first day of school

  1. Congratulations Gerrit! It looks like fun at your school. My son said, “I want to play that” when he saw the box of dinawhores. 😀

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