Rhinestone life


Sorta Fairytale

So Monday was my birthday.  The big 32.  Maybe not quite as big as THE BIG 30 or THE BIG 40 but big to me none the less.  It doesn’t bother me so much getting another year older as much as being defined as that number.  All in all, I’m pretty ok with this birthday and really, self delusion can take me pretty far.  In my mind’s eye, I’m still 26.  My sister gave me some great advice to just focus on what I have and have accomplished instead of my new age.  I thought that was a great idea and so I started considering why 32 ain’t so bad.

Reasons why 32 is so much awesomer than 22

1.  My marriage is so much better than it was back then.  Technically, Dan & I weren’t married at that point but we’ve been together since we were 18.  I’m so lucky that while others have grown apart, we continue to grow together.  He truly is my best friend and my soul mate even if he doesn’t believe in soul mates.

2.  My children weren’t born back then.  I’ve been blessed with 2 healthy and adorable kids.  They crack me up everyday and bring tears to my eyes with their sweetness.  They filled an emptiness in my life that I didn’t even know existed until they were born.  I wouldn’t trade them for the world, let alone being young again.

3.  My friends rock.  Hands down, they are the best friends a girl could ask for.  To have a group of people in your life that love you and you can count on is so amazing.  Some are new and some are old but they are all important in my life.

4.  I’m in better shape today than I was back then.  I never could have run a half marathon then.  I couldn’t have even run around my street back then.  I think my body is pretty much back to it’s ‘normal’ size again and I can proudly say that I can finally  fit back into my pre-pregnancy jeans.  I might not have accomplished my goal as quickly as I wanted to but I finally did it.  I’m sure it’s not as big a deal to anyone else but for me it was something I longed for and I’m happy to say that I wear a smaller size at 32 than I did at 22.

5.  I’m getting healthier.  Maybe not as healthy as I could be but I’m getting there.  I smoked when I was 22 and ate absolutely terrible.  Fast food was a way of life and not just an occasional thing back then.  I feel like I’ve finally learned how to appreciate healthy food and make better decisions.  I’m not the best at it, but I’m getting better.  I’ve come a long way and I can now say that I love tomatoes!  That dream was a long time coming.

6.  Most days I feel an overwhelming sense of being loved.  When I was 22, I still struggled with depression.  I like who I am today and while I won’t say I’m a done deal, I feel closer to the person I’m ‘becoming’.  I understand myself so much more than I did a decade ago and in turn can appreciate others better.  Life has an underlying current of hope now that it lacked back then.  I love my life and those that are in it.

7.  Life is good.  It’s better than it ever has been before and I assume it will continue on it’s merry path.  I’m sure there will be struggles and I would never profess that I won’t bitch about it in the future but all in all, it’s a sweet deal.  I’m happy to be alive and I’m happy with my life, even if it means I drive a minivan and reply 32 when asked how old I am.  It could be way worse than that.

That’s what I got so far.  Feel free to add why you think 32 rocks 22.  Or what you feel blessed about your life.  It’s nice to add up all your blessings once in a while.   


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3 Responses to Rhinestone life

  1. A very happy belated birthday to you, Chris! Personally, my relationship with my parents is better now than it was when I was 22. I think that has to do with grandchildren. 🙂

  2. R.G. says:

    I would like to add that 32 rocks not only because my wife is also 32 but in the eyes of a much younger man (such as myself) 32 means that the both of you are edging closer and closer to official “Cougar” status. Meeeoowww

  3. Chris says:

    ‘Much’ younger man, RG? Isnt’ much a little strong a word? But you do make a good point. We are well on our ways to becoming cougars. Thanks for noticing.

    Thanks FW! I agree whole heartedly with you. My relationship with all my family is much better now that I’ve gotten rid of my rebelliousness. Well… maybe not gotten rid of but fine tuned. Grandchildren do help tremendously though!!!!

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