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Emma’s class has a small stuffed turtle that they get to take turns taking home.  Then at the end of the week, they get to write a story about what they did with “Timothy”.  The parent is supposed to write exactly what their child says and not add any words or correct theirs.  Emma finally had her turn and she was SO excited (are you surprised Emma was excited?).  She had been planning his visit since the beginning of the year.  It was a good week and we managed not to lose Timothy even though he’s a little bugger.  I typed out Emma’s story as she dictated to me.  I would like to think of this as Emma’s first (of many haha) blogs to come.

Emma & Timothy

We went to Burger King.  We brought the chicken nuggets home and Timothy shared one with me.  When we were done with our chicken nuggets, we watched TV I think.  He went to cheerleading with me.  When I was sleeping with Timothy in my bed, he pushed me off.


When I was going to school, I brushed my teeth and then I brushed Timothy’s too, really fast so we wouldn’t be late.  When I was done I ate a snack while Timothy watched.  And then the next thing when I was done eating my cereal, my daddy didn’t let me eat anymore because it 7:20 so I had to stop eating.  I put on my clothes and Timothy watched me.  I said goodbye to Timothy.


When we got home I said hi to Timothy and we ate some pizza.  Timothy watched me.  We cleaned our room.  When I was at the anniversary, I ate some cake and Timothy was there.


The end


Timothy the turtle


Emma posing with Timothy.  He’s little, right?

Just to clarify, we don’t normally eat so much junk but it happened to be one of those weeks and of course, they stuck in her head as ‘special’ times with Timothy since we don’t do it all the time.  I told Dan we were going to end up looking like awesome parents in this story.  Me with my junk food and him making Emma stop eating LOL.  Oh well.  It was a cute story.  The anniversary cake was Dan’s parents that we made for them.  My favorite part was that Timothy pushed her off the bed.  That was the only made up part of the story and after she said it, she giggled.  It was really cute and fun to see her tell a story and I look forward to her telling me more.


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  1. What a great way to encourage children to write a story. Emma did such a great job! I love that you are thinking about how your parenting skillz might be judged. We all do that!

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