What I miss

For the first time since buying my minivan, I missed my Expedition on Monday.  We got a flurry of snowfall in a short time and it left the roads a mess.  I had to go pick up both the kids from school and decided to leave early.  The roads were slick.  The snow was quickly becoming an icy glaze and there were no plows in sight. 

Emma’s school is on the main road directly off our street but 4 miles down the road.  On a good day, I can easily make it there in 10 minutes, even with all the lights turning red on me (which they do most days).  So I left at 11am, her dismissal time is 11:15. 

As I turned off our street, I took a deep breath.  This would be the first time in a long time that I drove in snow without the aid of AWD or 4WD.  I felt weird about my traction and about how low I was to the ground.  If someone slid into me, I would be more vulnerable in the van than my former tank.

I hit every light red on the way there and realized for the first time how many of them are heading uphill.  Every time I had to start again, I missed the comfort of my AWD.  I practiced slowly accelerating and letting my wheels find their grip.  I watched the other cars/vans in front of me slip and slide trying to get going and I didn’t want to be one of those idiots.  I found if I barely pressed the gas, I could get going very very slowly and climb.  Our max speed was 30mph and it took me 17min to get to her school. 

Get Emma loaded up and we have to race (figuratively) to Gerrit’s school.  He gets out at 11:30 and even though it’s 2 miles back towards our house, it’s going to take a while.  We got to Gerrit’s school, picked him up and headed home.  We got back at 12.  That was one loooong trip down the street.

I’m reminded of why I was so adamant about having 4WD in the first place now but I know I will adapt.  Yes, it’s not as easy and I don’t feel as comfortable but I’ll get used to it.  It doesn’t help that I hate snow to begin with and driving white knuckled doesn’t help me gain any love for it.  Can’t wait for the crapload of snow headed our way Monday.  Just love Michigan


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4 Responses to What I miss

  1. One thing that helped me this morning was shifting my car into one of the lower gears.

  2. Chris says:

    Thats a good idea Random. My van has a set up that I can manually shift if I choose to, I just don’t quite get it. Maybe I’ll learn how to do that in case of an extreme case. So far, the slow start has been working well.

  3. After you have gotten through the winter I’m going to ask you to tell me what you think of the minivan. We currently have all wheel drive on our Subaru, but we are going to have 3 children in car seats, so it seems that we will need a minivan.

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