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Baby Jacob

My new nephew was born a week ago today.  He got his holidays confused and instead of being born just after Valentine’s Day, he was born Christmas Eve.  Since his sister was born 9 wks early, we weren’t shocked to have … Continue reading

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Gift for Santa

Last night, Gerrit asked me for a paper that he could cut.  I gave him one and he proceeded to carefully cut it into 2 strips.  He brought one over and asked me to fold it into a square for … Continue reading

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The Mighty B

Emma started cheerleading back in September.  We originally took her to the local class but after being disappointed in the coach, we decided to drive her the 30 min to another city.  It might seem bizarre to some people but … Continue reading

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The Socializer

I happened upon a website, typealyzer,  that analyzes your blog to tell you what type of person you are.  I think they hit the nail on the head when they figured me out.  Damnit, I hate

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Conversation with Emma

Emma turns to me after watching Charlie & Lola “Mama, can I have a guinea pig?”

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The first cut is the deepest

The day that I knew would come finally arrived the night before last.  Gerrit was upset because I wouldn’t let him get dressed at bedtime.  I had tried to get him dressed earlier in the day but he said he … Continue reading

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Dance Party

A couple weeks ago, Emma & Gerrit had their friends Savannah & Makayla spend the night.  Emma requested that I put the “I Like To Move It” video from Madagascar on so they could dance.  This is what ensued. Apparently, … Continue reading

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