Conversation with Emma


Emma turns to me after watching Charlie & Lola “Mama, can I have a guinea pig?”

Me “No”

Emma “Why not?”

Me “Because we already have too many things in this house with fur”

Emma (always thinking) “Can I have one when one of them dies?”

Me “No!  Won’t you be sad when your pets die?”

Emma “No”

Me “You mean to tell me you won’t be sad when Bay bay dies?”

Emma “No”

Me “You won’t be sad when Quigley dies?”

Emma “No, I’ll only be sad when Cash dies”


**This post is for my friend Traci.  She will eternally worry needlessly that everyone and everything in this house hates Cash.  Let the record show that at least one thing has his back.**


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3 Responses to Conversation with Emma

  1. Traci says:

    Yay! I knew Emma was the sweetest child ever : )! I will only be sad when Cash dies too…. : (

  2. ami says:

    what a sweet picture. my family are dog lover.
    best regards from indonesia.

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