The Return of the Mighty B


Saturday was the Michigan State Cheerleading competition in Kalamazoo.  Emma’s competition started at 8am and she had to be to her coach by 7:30am.  Having lived in Michigan long enough to know that you can never depend on the weather or roads to be great during winter, we had decided to book a hotel the night before. 


Gerrit watching the Transformer movie on the way down to K-zoo


Emma watching the movie in the van

We headed down early Friday afternoon and checked into the hotel with plans to eat dinner quickly and leave the rest of the night open for the kids to swim in the pool.  We got back to swim at about 5:30 and were to the pool by 6pm.  Unfortunately, the pool at the Best Western was dissappointing to put it mildly.  The pool room was dimly lit and the water was freezing!!!  I attempted to get into the water but only made it up to my knees before I told the kids no way!  Emma swam for almost 10min and then her lips were purple and she was shaking in the water.  I had the kids get out and come with me to the hot tub but that was mega hot and no thermastat available to change it.  We gave up and headed back to the room. 


Emma & Gerrit watching a movie at the hotel

It was frustrating to all of us and I am pretty dissappointed in the hotel.  The hotel’s excuse for the  frigid water was that there were a lot of people in it.  I’m not sure on what planet that might work for a reason but not here on earth.  So note to all those who are planning on staying at the Best Western by Wing’s Stadium in Kalamazoo… don’t plan on swimming in the pool!!!!

Saturday morning came early and we got everything ready.  I was so nervous for Emma and the girls that I had trouble sleeping.  But I was excited for them!  How were they going to fare compared to these other teams?  Obviously, the teams here had beat out a lot of other ones to compete today and so there was going to be some serious competition.  I got her dropped off to her team and wished her coach good luck, then went and took my seat. 

Emma’s team practicing before the competition starts (click the watch in high quality for better viewing)

Emma’s team (middleville/otsego) was #26 of 27  teams to perform and as I sat and watched the other team’s routines, I worried more and more.  This was going to be tough!  They had the teams split into small, medium & big size teams.  Middlville/Otsego has 30+ girls on it and definitely qualifies as a big team.


Emma’s team taking the mat


They performed their little hearts out!  I was so proud of them for all the hard work they had done to get there.  They did great but was it good enough?  We wouldn’t have to wait long to find out.


Emma cheering with her team


Go Middleville/Otsego!!!


In the press box, anxiously waiting for the results

We had taken over the press box in the stands which was pretty handy actually.  It gave us more room to sit and a place to put all our stuff.  Niles was our closest competition at Regionals and they had done even better this time.  When they were called for #3 place and then Southgate/Gibraltor/Brighton were called for #2, we nearly gave up hope.

First place went to…  MIDDLEVILLE/OTSEGO!!!!!!  They did it!!!  Emma’s team was #1 in the state of Michigan!!!  Holy cow!  I was so overcome with emotion.  We were screaming and I was jumping up & down.  Tears filled my eyes and as I looked around, I saw I wasn’t the only one.  They had really done it! 

I made my way down to the floor and when I found her, she told me “I won momma!” 

“I know baby!  I’m so proud of you!” I told her.  She showed me her new trophy and her new blue 1st place ribbon.



Emma & I with her new trophy & 1st place ribbon


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5 Responses to The Return of the Mighty B

  1. Nicole says:

    Yay! That’s so exciting!

  2. Traci says:

    Yay Mighty B! They BROUGHT it!

  3. Tracy Kinney says:

    holy crap–that is so awesome! she is so cute out there. I still can’t get over that she is a little cheer leader…what fun!

  4. Duh says:

    Thanks for the heads up on that hotel. I was TOTALLY going to stay there. No way now.

    Emma is too cute. Her makeup is a little slutty though. I’m just sayin’….

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