Run On

About a month ago, I registered for my next long distance run, The 5/3 Riverbank Run.  This one would be a 25k (15 miles) and would take place in May.  It’s a huge race here and I had heard great things about the energy and participation.  I was excited to train for a race and execute it without injuries this time.  How well could I do if I was able to train without an injury every month and a tiny bit of experience behind me?

I started training about 2 weeks ago.  An actual training schedule for a 25k  is harder to locate than you’d think so I just decided to go with the half marathon schedule but add in a couple weeks.  I figured out what days and times I’d be able to get my run in before the extra kids come or after and wrapped my brain around training for this thing almost entirely on a treadmill!  Big difference to me.

Then last Wednesday, I took Emma to register for her spring session of cheerleading.  I asked the coach if she knew their regional competition date and she gave me the sheet with all the dates.  Awesome… May 9th.  The same day and time as my race.  Now what?

I pondered it and pondered it.  What do I do?  Of course, I didn’t want to miss Emma’s competition.  On the other hand, the race was important to me.  I don’t want to teach my kids that I gave up every part of what makes up me just because I became a mom.  I think it’s good for parents to have outside interests besides their children.  But could I live with myself if I wasn’t there to see her compete?  I’m pretty sure that I’d cry the whole 15miles to myself.  So there it is.  While I haven’t officially asked for a refund, I know that I could never be in Grand Rapids while Emma was competing in Kalamazoo. 

And just like my decision to train was made 2 wks ago, my decision to not run the race is made as well.  Good thing that the 2nd choice doesn’t influence the 1st, so training I will continue.  My mother in law asked me what I was training for now.  I’m not sure exactly… maybe my imaginary Riverbank run.  But I know if a race does come along, I’ll be ready for it 😉


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One Response to Run On

  1. henrysmom says:

    OH Chris, so glad to hear that the training continues despite the 5/3rd not working out. Believe me another race will show up and work out for your busy schedule. Glad to hear you wanted to do that 5/3rd. I love that race and that distance is perfect, not too long, not too short.

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