Our Extreme Home Makeover

Eight years ago, we moved into our house and I think within the week, Dan had torn out everything in the finished basement.  Visions of his man’s basement danced in his head and wood paneling did NOT exist in those dreams.  Gone were the walls, gone was the ceiling, gone was everything.

Pretty quickly, he started working on an official laundry room for me.  That was 95% completed and then he moved onto the bathroom downstairs.  It was necessary to have that done before we could completely remodel the bathroom (watermelon room) upstairs.  Dan finished all that before I got pregnant with Emma so that makes it what… 6.5yrs ago?  Since then, we’ve had other homes that have needed work and our personal home was neglected in the beautifying process.

Then in January, Dan decided that it was time.  He managed to push most of the junk that had accumulated in the last 6.5yrs to the center of the room and started hanging drywall.  We didn’t see Dan much for the next 6 weeks and he lost 25lbs in the process but dang if it wasn’t worth it.  Check out the old and the new B basement.  NO JUDGING!!!! 🙂






Pretty scary, huh?  Yeah… I know.  That’s why I referred to it as the dungeon.  I only went down there if I had to and I hated every second of it.  Here’s the new, beautious basement…













Isn’t Dan amazing?  He did it all by himself.  What a difference it makes!  Our house has literally doubled in size.  Cash (the cat noone knows about) has quickly become amazingly social and the dogs don’t chase him anymore.  We aren’t 100% done but life is still good.


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6 Responses to Our Extreme Home Makeover

  1. Tracy Kinney says:

    that is awesome! it looks fantastic 🙂 nice work dan. i remember sleeping one night in that dungeon–it was scary. HA!

  2. Duh says:

    Holy Shit! That basement is super sweeet!

  3. R.G. says:

    Due to the current economy – Traci and I have decided to move into your basement. Don’t worry we will not charge you guys anything for this luxury.

  4. I’m speechless that Dan did that all himself. It looks amazing! And the change in the cat’s behavior is adorable. Poor cat, finally has enough room to express himself.

  5. polestarter says:

    Very impressive work for a one man show . Even more so with all that stuff in the basement. You can tell it’s quality work by the time and attention spent on the small details. Dan must of been highly motivated and quite skilled to do such a professional job.

  6. Brian says:

    Unbelievable!! It looks so amazing and cozy. I would spend all of my time watching movies in that basement! 😆

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