April Fool’s

april fool

This was the first year that the kids realized the tradition of  April Fool’s day.  They had seen a commercial on Disney or somewhere with a suggested April Fool’s joke of hiding the soap in the shower so that when the next person went in, they didn’t have any.  I have never quite understood how pranks were very funny but I thought maybe Emma could play her own joke on Dan this year.

On the way to cheerleading, we devised a plan.  It went like this:

Me:  Hey!  We should play an April Fool’s Day trick on Daddy!

Emma:  Ya!  We could hide the soap so when he takes a shower, there isn’t any.

Me:  Hmmm… well, I don’t think Daddy will take a shower until after you go to bed so that might not work.  How about we tell him that you got in trouble at school?  We could tell him that you got sent to the Principal’s office.  But what did you do to get sent there?

Emma:  I could tell him that I threw a meatball at the teacher’s desk.

Me:  Hehe… yeah, he won’t believe a meatball but how about something else?  What else could you have thrown at her desk?

~~quiet while we’re thinking~~

Emma:  Mommy, I could say that I threw a ball at recess and broke a window!

Me:  Oh good one, Emma!  Yeah!  We’ll say that you got sent to the Principal’s office for throwing a ball and breaking a window at recess.  Then we he starts to say “Emma!  I can’t believe you did that!”  you can say “April Fool’s Day!”

We giggled at our devious plan. 

Then Emma said to me:  Mom, maybe I should write this down so I don’t forget.

Me (a little perplexed):  But you don’t know how to read

Emma:  Oh yeah.  What if I forget?

I laughed that her solution to forgetting the plan was to write it down.  While brilliant, it didn’t seem applicable to her since she couldn’t read it.  Funny girl.

We got home from cheerleading a couple hours later and I told Dan that Emma had to tell him something.  He asked if she had been naughty.  Go ahead and tell him Emma.

She had a really hard time keeping a straight face but fortunately for this joke, Emma always has a hard time keeping a smile off her face.  She did it!  She got him!  He was convinced and right when he started to go into his spiel, she laid a giant “April Fool’s Day, Daddy!”. 

It was funny and harmless.  The way an April Fool’s joke should be.  Just like when I had my first prenatal apppointment for Gerrit on April 1st.  Emma was 9mnths old and I was 3 mnths pregnant with Gerrit.  Afterwards, I called Dan and told him that the doctor had heard 2 heartbeats (implying twins).  There was the biggest pause you’ve ever heard in your life and then he choked out a ‘wow, 2 huh?’.  I couldn’t let him go on sweating so I told him yeah, the baby’s and mine.  Good fun with lying!!!!  🙂


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2 Responses to April Fool’s

  1. Duh says:

    My kids tried a trick a la the Disney Channel. They switched all the cereal bags in the boxes. They fooled me AND Dave too!

  2. Chris says:

    Hahaha! That’s a good one! And it’s harmless. All good fun!

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