Cat… I’m a kitty Cash


The most resent dilemma in our lives has been our cat, Cash.  From the time that we got him 13yrs ago as a tiny kitten to now, he’s been more temperamental than Quigley.  He  standard of cat box cleanliness is much higher than hers and his tolerance for change is minimal to put it mildly.   When he was angered punishment often came in the form of something getting peed on.

When we adopted Bailey, Cash disapproved of her immensely and a month later, Emma was born.  He was terrified of both Bailey and this baby that had invaded his home.  His solution was to mainly stay in the basement.  Adding another baby (Gerrit) and a new pup (Scout) only reinforced this behavior.  He only came upstairs to drink and we only saw him when we went down to feed the cats. 

It seemed like a pathetic existance and we would toss around the idea of finding him another home.  These conversations often arose with the discovery of something ruined with cat urine.  Why were we keeping a cat that refused to integrate into our family and was ruining things?  Theoretically, we should get rid of him but in reality, we couldn’t.

Fast forward to a brand new finished basement.  While Dan worked down there, he and Cash quickly became chums.  Cash was delighted to have someone in his element so often and Dan was reminded of how Cash really was a cool cat.  Emma had always loved Cash even though she had only seen him for fleeting seconds a handful of times in her life. (Conversations with Emma) 

The ability to hang out with Cash in his environment, has only deepened her love.  Cash has always LOVED a balled up piece of paper and as soon as he hears the crinkle of paper, he will come running out.  So Emma has started playing fetch with him.  He climbs on her lap when she is sitting on the couch and they snuggle forever.  When she calls him, he comes running out.  They are the best of pals.

So the discovery of the first pee stain on the carpet was devastating.  I found one in the corner and cleaned it.  I resolved to make sure the cat boxes were cleaner thinking that this would solve it.  The next day, the carpet was wet again.  I sobbed telling Dan that I thought we had to get rid of Cash.  He replied that he didn’t want to get rid of him, Emma would be crushed.  And the truth is, we would be too.

It’s hard to explain to a non-cat lover the level of devotion and love that you can have for an animal that ruins your things.  The easiest solution is to dispose of the animal, obviously.  No more peeing on your stuff, done.  But I just can’t do that yet.  I feel as if there’s a solution and I have to find it.  If I exhaust every avenue and it’s still a problem, then we’ll cross that road when we come to it.  But for now, I’ll cling to a hope.

I had read online that to change a cat that had behaviorally started peeing in spots or marking, you should put down aluminum foil.  While most animals are afraid of the foil, Cash actually likes it.  He is reminded of his wadded up paper and he thinks it’s play time.  I did put the foil down but we put a paper towel dipped in vinegar on top of it.  That was working until this morning, I was on the computer and heard him howling.  Then I heard the russle of foil.  I ran over there and yelled at him to stop.  I looked down and saw that he had peed blood.  No urine, just blood.

So now, my hopes are raised.  Although I’m completely dreading taking him to the vet (which he hasn’t been to in 12yrs), I’m hopefully that this means it’s medical and not behavioral.  Maybe he can change.  Maybe we can all live the harmoniously life we all are wishing for.  I really hope so.


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3 Responses to Cat… I’m a kitty Cash

  1. Traci says:

    That is such a great pic of Cash! He really is a beautiful kitty! Hoping for the best….

  2. Brian says:

    Kudos to you for not immediately dumping your pet. We have been going through the same thing with our eldest cat, Blu. She was fine until we added two other kitties to the household. She is very finicky about the litter box and won’t cover her waste or use it if isn’t scooped frequently enough. We added a box and make sure we scoop them regularly, but she would still urinate in certain spots. We cleaned the carpet and used odor neutralizers and tin foil. So far, so good.

    Sounds like Cash definitely has a medical problem. I’ve heard that urinary tract infections can cause this behavior because the cat associates pain with the litter box.

    Good luck to all of you!! 🙂

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