Letting a tid be a tid



Gerrit & Emma have known about Chuckie Cheese’s for a long time but we’ve never gone.  As I drove down 28th street, they never failed to see the mouse off in the distance and scream “Chuckie Cheese, Mom, Chuckie Cheese!” like crazed Beatles fans.   This was always followed by “can we please go?”, more begging ensued.  It never seemed a practical time to go.  Either we were doing something right then, money was tight or it was nice out and I refuse to take them in the summer when we can play outside for free. 

Gerrit would remind us constantly “Chuckie cheese is where a tid can be a tid”.  I know Gerrit, we’ll go soon.  During the summer, I promised that we would go in the winter.  When the first snowfall came, they gleefully exclaimed “we get to go to Chuckie Cheese!!!”.  I told them after Christmas we would go.  Then we started work on the basement.  Watching dollars fly out of our account like doves at the opening ceremony for the Olympics didn’t really entice me to spend more at CC’s.  So I told them after it was done.

Still, Gerrit would remind me that Chuckie Cheese was where a tid could be a tid.  I decided that this spring break, we were going to Chuckie Cheese no matter what!  Then I got a notice from the school that the PTO night was going to be Monday.  Even better.  Now we were going and money would be going back to the school.  Sounded great to me.

Having money go back to the school, didn’t mean that I was going to spend a fortune though.  I looked online to find a coupon for tokens.  I had told the kids earlier that we weren’t buying pizza there (I think it’s disgusting) and that we would spend the money on games instead. 

We left after dinner and I could hear the kids talking to each other as we drove.  “What do you think they have there, Emma?”  With wonderment in her voice, she answered “I don’t know”.  You could see their eyes were dancing with ideas of the magic Chuckie Cheese held.  We walked up to the door and they screamed “there’s Chuckie!” at the mouse above the door.

I can’t even begin to explain how excited they were.  I kicked myself with the fact that I forgot my camera.  Emma tried to console me that we would come again and I could bring my camera that time.  I told her that it wouldn’t be the first time we came so it wouldn’t be the same but you’re right, Em.

And then they played.  They ran around, almost overwhelmed with options.  The ability to just use their coins on whatever they wanted was too much.  We walked around with them and helped them decide and play things.  The air hockey table proved to be a delight but other kids wanted to play it and E&G had to move on. 

We left a couple hours later with 81 of 110 tokens left.  We’ll save them for our return.  In our mission to teach them fiscal responsibility, I think we’ve impaired their ability to just spend tokens willy nilly.  They take their time choosing what ride or game to play.  I think of that as a good thing. 

Cost of 100 tokens = $10

Cost of 2 drinks=  $3.99

Following through on my promise = priceless


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One Response to Letting a tid be a tid

  1. Duh says:

    Good lord! Tell them you guys are going to Disney World and watch them have a stroke. LOL

    Didn’t you notice the other options on the menu at CC? BEER!! Oh yeah.

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