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Almost 12 years ago, I had to attend New Bus Driver’s Class to assure my employment.  It’s a state mandated class of 18hrs that you have to finish and pass a test in order to drive a school bus.  Every 2 yrs after that, you need to renew your Advanced Drivers Class certification with a 6hr class accompanied with passing a test.  If for some reason, you don’t keep up on your certification, you have to start at the beginning.

Tuesday night, I walked into New Bus Driver’s Class again.  This time, I was no novice.  8yrs of driving a school bus have been engraved into my mind.  I expected to be surrounded by newbies with a scared ‘doe caught in headlights’ expression in their eyes.  I was not disappointed.  Listening to them talk, it at once reminded of when I was like them and how far away from that I have grown.

It was a strange experience.  Sitting where you once sat, reflecting on whom you once were.  Beginning again but with the knowledge of experience behind you.  As I listened to their comments and concerns, it reminded me of just how unprepared you are of the enormous responsibility of transporting 70+ children all at once.  You need to be an expert at navigating a 40ft bus, managing conflict while doing so and maintaining grace under pressure.  It’s a tall order to fill and often a position that does not demand a lot of respect.  Add in a healthy heaping of personal liability and it can make you choke.

The instructor will often talk about past ‘fatalities’  involving a school bus in the state of MI so that we might learn from them.  He’s trying to impress upon us how 1 error can result in the death of a child and how becoming complacent in your job is dangerous.  I understand why he brings them up.  They are a learning tool.  What went wrong in that situation?  What could have prevented that incident?  But story after story of a child that died at the hands of their school bus driver quickly leaves me feeling literally sick to my stomach.

5yr olds are the most at risk age while riding a bus and every story he tells us, I can’t help but picture my babies.  It’s terrible.  My mind will flash a picture of Emma or Gerrit, squashed or being dragged by a bus.  It’s a horror so awful that I try to shake it out and wish for a bottle of mental bleach to cleanse the image. 

I can feel the other drivers in the class recoiling and questioning their decision to have this as an occupation.  And I remember back in the day, being scared myself.  I know that there’s still a twinge of fear inside me but that’s the healthy amount.  The amount that keeps you on guard, more aware, a better driver.

Trying to absorb as much knowledge for my future test, listening to tragic deaths and being at class late are taking their toll.  I’m emotionally drained when I get home.  I’m glad there’s only 3 more classes.  I’ll keep you updated.


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