Diva what, diva who, diva where? It’s B!

Emma cheer spring 017

This past Saturday was the regional competition for Emma’s competitive cheer.  Her team had taken first at regional & state in the fall but the spring team had a lot of new girls.  Plus, their routine seemed incredibly complicated this time.  With both of those things factored in, we wondered if we stood a chance of making it to the state competition.  Dan & I were a little torn if we even wanted her to make it because it would mean leaving a day early from our B family vacation in June. 

Emma is the first one in the fourth line from the left.

The song that they danced to is ‘It’s All About Me’which was too cute.  They certainly were little divas out there with their tiaras and glitter.  They did a pretty good job and we were guessing they would end up placing in the top 3 (enough to go to state). 

[rockyou id=137564262&w=426&h=320]

They ended up taking 2nd place!  Quite an accomplishment with so many new girls and a complex routine.  Dan & I made our way to the floor to get Emma, expecting a smiling girl would await us.  Instead, there she sat… gloomy and ticked.  I congratulated her on winning and she told me she took 3rd.  I corrected her that she took 2nd but she told me that she lost.  I keep trying to explain it to her but she insists that she lost.  We’re still proud of our little mighty B♥

Emma cheer spring 080


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2 Responses to Diva what, diva who, diva where? It’s B!

  1. Nicole says:

    Yay!! How exciting!

  2. Cheri Koning says:

    What awesome pictures. Looked like she was having lots of fun. Funny how she handled 2nd place. Where does she get her competitiveness from (HA HA) A little too young for that. See what you got her into? Lots of life lessons to teach. Been there, done that.

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