Memorial Day Weekend

It’s Memorial Weekend.  Time for camping, bonfires and hanging out with friends/family.  Kind of a trial run before summer actually begins.  At this point, particularly in Michigan, people are bugging out for summer.  We’ve managed to survive the cruelty of winter and deserve our just reward of sunshine.  And so, while ushering in the new season, I felt updates were due in our lives.

Cash  has had an amazing recovery.  He completed his antibiotics and has been tapering off the steroid that he was prescribed.  Not one time since going to the vet has he peed somewhere other than his cat boxes.  He is slowly beginning to attempt socializing with the rest of us outside of his basement haven.  The other week, while cleaning out the shed in the backyard, I discovered him sitting on a shelf.  He had snuck out when the kids had left the garage door open.  He seemed a little fearful of being in a strange environment but delighted to see me.  I took him out and placed him in the kid’s fort so he could enjoy sunshine, which he hasn’t seen in years.  He spent the entire day laying in the sun and being with us.  It was awesome.  I took him out (against his will) this week too.  He seems to slowly be adapting to it.  He has also taken up a new habit of coming up to our bedroom on Friday nights while I watch the Dog Whisperer.  I don’t know what it is about it but he feels safe then and even laid down next to Scout on the bed.  What a surreal experience… sitting on my bed with my 2 dogs and 2 cats… at peace.  It gives me great hope for him and his becoming more a part of our ‘pack’.

Gerrit has officially ‘graduated’ from his preschool.  His last day was yesterday.  I’ll be posting pictures of his Spring Program soon so you can see the adorableness of preschoolers singing.  He did a great job until the last song, which he spent almost the entire time picking his nose.  Proud moments for a mom. 

I started my summer preparatory workout  this week.  My hope is that in 2wks, I’ll be looking fly in my swimsuit.  Today is Day 6.  The plan is to run 3 times during the week (3 miles minimum run) and then I am doing Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred.  Now, I’ve been skeptical about ‘workout videos’ and their ability to give a serious workout but I’ve been surprised by Level 1.  I bought 5lb hand weights and they seem to be doing the trick.  I don’t think the ab workout is sufficient in this video for what I’m looking for so I’ve also added a 10min Pilattes ab workout to the end.  If soreness is any indicator of productiveness, then I’m on my way.  We’ll see come June 6.

Stay tuned for an update on my camping expedition!  Dan & I will be camping overnight Sunday and I’m wondering how that will go.  I am NOT the type of gal that dreams of becoming one with nature.  ‘Roughing it’ to me means staying in a cottage with no cable and internet.  I guess I’ll find out if real camping is all it’s cracked up to be.

Have a safe weekend!  Remember those that reason  for the holiday and those that have given their lives.  Thanks to all that serve!


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