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Alas, the school year is nearly done.  Today is Emma’s last day and jam packed with all kinds of fun things.  A field trip to the park, a funny guest speaker… all of these events need my presence.  While I’m always delighted at the chance to work at Em’s school or do a field trip with them, I’m a little overwhelmed right now.  The B family vacation to Ludington starts Saturday and there’s much work to be done.

It’s a little exhausting getting ready to leave.  So much preperation.  There’s not only your regular duties you need to fufull but then life likes to throw you some curve balls at the last second.  Four extra time consuming tasks were thrown onto my lists just yesterday.  And lists… geez, the lists I have going.  If stressing were measured in the amount of lists you’re making, I am officially wigging out. 

My lists contain a seemingly impossible amount of chores, errands and duties that never seem to get crossed off.  It feels like I’m just spinning my wheels and at the end of the day, what have I accomplished?  I thought I had managed to curb the ant infestation I woke up to Monday morning, only to see some stragglers coming in my kitchen window last night.  Gross!  Trips to the dealership, ironing out problems with the van ONLY to have the problem cease to exist the first time the technician tries it.  I swear it’s been acting up for almost an entire year!!!  Our renter calling yesterday and giving me her laundry list of problems that all need to be fixed asap (including getting a new dryer).  It’s enough to make me want to climb back in bed and tell someone else to deal with it.

But of course, there is noone else to deal with it.  Dan is officially working a bagillionhours this week in order to get the project done far enough that his absence will not be felt.  He staggers home after a 15hr day and we manage to watch tv together a half hour before we both close our eyes in exhaustion.  I joked with him that we’d certainly have a lot to talk about during the 2hr drive to Ludington but reality will probably be him falling asleep on the trip up.  I can’t blame him.

Speaking of sleep, my dreams have become every increasingly weird this week.  Every night, they are filled with a continuous stream of odd.  And a reoccurring dream of peeing on myself is starting to disturb me… cuz, what’s that about???

And so I’ve dubbed this post fin to… I feel like I’m in a perpetual state of fin to do something.  I’m fin to do and redo all the things that are on my lists and the 327 things that I haven’t even had time to add.  Do, do and fin to do.

I realize I might be toeing a dangerous line here.  Having the gall to complain about going on vacation.  Yes, I get the irony.  So let me say this… I am absolutely delighted to go on vacation and get away.  I just wish it didn’t mean the week beforehand would be so chaotic.  Us control freaks don’t enjoy the ride.


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One Response to Fin to

  1. bigbinder says:

    Complain away, sister. I lost it yesterday and cried my head off driving to a meeting (in my sweet van) because I just felt like something had to give… this is just a really busy time – hopefully you are on vaca by now and it feels officially like summer.

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