smart kid

Dan, Emma, Gerrit & I are sitting in a Burger King after Emma’s state competition this past Saturday.  As we ‘encourage’ them to eat faster so we can make the hour long trek back home… this conversation unfolds:

Emma looking next to her at the window: “Ew… a bug!”

Me: “Emma, don’t be such a baby.  It’s just a bug”

Emma realizing that it’s not on the inside: “Oh, it’s outside the window

Me: “Great… then eat

We continue with our lunch but Dan & I stop dead in our tracks when we hear Emma singing to the tune of head and shoulders knees and toes:

♫ Cephalothorax, abdomen… abdomen

♪ Cephalothorax, abdomen… abdomen

♫ Eight long legs and eight more eyes

♪ Cephalothorax, abdomen… abdomen

Then she starts eating her chicken nuggets again.  Dan & I are laughing because we can’t believe she’s saying this humongous word and so we ask her what that is.  She tells us it’s the head part and we ask her who has them…  


Well, what’s an arachnid?” 

Spiders are”

I love it!  That’s why I love her school.  I love her Young 5’s teacher and I’m tickled pink that Gerrit is going to be in that class in the fall.  It’s amazing what Emma has learned this year and surprisingly, what she has learned about science.  She can go on and on about bugs, insects and arachnids.  She even corrected me the other day when I said butterflies make cacoons.

“No, mommy, butterflies make chrysalis”


“Butterflies don’t make cacoons, they make chrysalis”

“Really?  Who makes cacoons then?”

“Moths do”

Alright then.  I wish I could go to Young 5’s


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4 Responses to Edumacated

  1. Nicole says:

    Be honest now….did you have to look up how to spell cephalothorax?! I am going to miss Young 5’s SOOO much!!

  2. Kelley Clayton Herrick says:

    What a great story! I need to start blogging again. I did it while on bedrest with my youngest until she started moving, now I haven’t done it in over a year. Keep the stories coming…I enjoy them.

  3. Chris says:

    For real

    You KNOW I had to look it up! That word is no joke. I’m so glad I get to spend another year in her class!

    Thanks! Blogging is kind of my online journal and outlet. It’s nice to know that people are actually reading it!!! Visit often

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