Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone


It’s just too damn cold around here.  I’m used to saying that 6 months of the year.  Winter is way too long.  The cold sucks your soul dry and the clouds will drive you to depression. 

But the reward for sticking out yet another miserable Michigan winter is the promise of a warm and sunny summer.  The heat and humidity of June, July and August is about the last thread I cling to when February’s melancholy refuses to abate.  It’s that contract with Mother Nature that keeps me sustained.  I cleave to it and count the months until my promise is fulfilled.

This year, Mother Nature has reneged on me.  She’s heartlessly cast aside our previous agreement and written up a new one.  I shall suffer through a miserable winter and then a cold and rainy summer. 

It’s completely unfair.  I lived up to my end of the bargain and now she’ not fulfilling her end.  She’s a cruel mistress and I, her jilted lover.


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