The world is a vampire, sent to drain


Today is one of those days.  Some might call it a funk, some might say I’m in a bad mood and some might go so far as to blame PMS.  Whatever the case… I find myself in a grumpasaurus rex kind of way.  Nothing is seeming to go right today and if I wasn’t equipped with sanity, I would believe the world was actually conspiring to annoy me in whatever way it can.

For fleeting seconds throughout the day, I keep admonishing myself for delving into the pity party I’m throwing today.  One might encourage me to ‘look on the bright side’, ‘count my blessings’ or some other cliche that on a day like today would be met with puking  an unpleasant look. 

Today I’ve finally admitted to myself that I’m content to wallow in my own misery.  It won’t last forever… heck, it might not even last all night.  But today, I’ll stew in my pile of misery. 

Is that so wrong?  Is it terrible?  Aren’t we as people allowed to take time out of our effervescent lives to lick our wounds and be gloomy?  Must we always be this positive thinking, feeling, speaking person?  Isn’t it good for us to take small slivers of time and let out all of our emotions?  I’ve started to wonder if a constant state of happiness and bliss is nearly as unhealthy as the person who chooses to always be negative and a pessimist.

Perhaps I’m only justifying my day of pity.  Maybe so.  But just for today, I’m a crabstain and proud of it.


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2 Responses to The world is a vampire, sent to drain

  1. Traci says:

    What a perfect song to reference for your mood! I totally think we are entitled to be crabby every once in awhile! Sometimes the glass is just half empty…and I don’t trust people who are positive and happy ALL the time ; )!

  2. Chris says:

    That’s hilarious that the daughter of Dave would dare say that 😉 Thanks

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