My granola don’t crunch


I might be on the verge of becoming a tree hugger.  While the likelihood seems impossible, I feel the stirrings of it beginning.  In my constant quest of becoming and evolving into the better me, I feel myself dipping into the stereotype.  It just might be an inevitable turn of events.

It started with an intriguing book that a friend was reading, In Defense of Food.  Honestly, I haven’t read it yet but I read the synopsis and it really made me stop and think.  In fact, I thought about it so muchthat I had to let some of those thoughts out.  I rambled on and on to Dan about all the information I had learned from the brief breakdown and all the thoughts that had subsequently happened.  At first, he listened politely while looking at me a little weird.  Then he started laughing at me & my new found passion for wholesome eating.  He agreed with the concepts, just found it amusing that I could be so fired up from a book I hadn’t held in my hands, much less read.

And there it began.  The idea of a more wholesome life.  Putting more natural things inside us.  Particularly, my kids.  Is it possible to feed my children a more healthy diet?  The obvious answer is yes.  The problem boils down to execution.  How does one feed an insanely picky eater a wholesome diet when she only likes about 8 things?  And how do I get my son to eat meat when he would prefer to eat a diet of veggies?  It’s a constant battle trying to give them a well rounded diet and a lot of days, I feel like I’m losing.

Then the next thought process began… what we drink and more importantly, how we drink it.  When water bottles first became popular, I laughed at how ridiculous it was to buy a bottle of water.  I mean, all you have to do is turn on the faucet at your house and you can get good, clean water.  It seemed absurd to me!  Convenience eventually overcame my resolve and I ultimately ended up buying some here and there.

As more time has gone on, my hatred of buying bottled water has remained.  When the kids drink from them, the bottles get nasty fast and I abhor washing them.  And now, rumor on the street is that they contain harmful polycarbonates when reused over and over again.  My frugal self just can’t handle buying it and then tossing it!

So, for quite a few reasons (most of all being cheap) I’ve ordered the kids some Klean Kanteens for their lunch bags in the fall.  I can feel good about them drinking from them, I’ll save money and it’s better for the world in general. 

I guess I’m not quite to tree hugger status yet.  Perhaps I’m just a twig petter.  Baby steps… baby steps.


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2 Responses to My granola don’t crunch

  1. henrysmom says:

    Chris you may like to visit a local Chicago mom’s website, Homemade mothering. She has lots of plastic-free and paper alternative suggestions, cleaning products to make that are non-toxic and cheap and simple family friendly recipes. She even has me scouting out a yogert maker. I know sounds ridiculous, but I have yet to find yogert to buy that doesn’t come in plastic and all it is is milk basically that is cooked. And we all love yogert here, so why not make it yourself? Anyhow here’s her link, I’ve got a link to her on my blog too.

  2. bigbinder says:

    I started to get really into this. I love Michael Pollan and the whole eat real food movement. At the same time, I need to do something other than cook from scratch, and spend money on other things than food..

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