Call me the breeze

The core of me is filled with fear… well, correct that… it used to be filled with fear.  It seems like my whole life, I’ve battled with being afraid of things.  Some are rational fears (like heights) and some have been ridiculous fears(lawn mowers).  I’ve tried to work on both the big and little ones over time.  They say the best way to overcome a fear is to just do it.  I can officially add riding a motorcycle to the list of fears overcome.  Here’s some pictures of me riding my first bike!

beach days 017

Our good friend, Bryan was nice enough to take me out on his. 

beach days 018

You can’t even tell I’m screaming in this picture!  😉   Actually, I was quite proud of myself for holding it together nicely.

You know, the thing that surprised me most of all?  I actually enjoyed it.  Funny how that happens


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One Response to Call me the breeze

  1. bigbinder says:

    Last summer I decided to conquer my fear of ziplines (like at the zoo). I got all suited up and walked up to the plank – and walked back off the plank and got un-suited. I think if someone would have pushed me, I would have been OK. I just couldn’t physically make myself walk off of a plank regardless of what I was attached to. Good for you. My friend who went with me (she lives in MN) called me the other day and asked if I had done it yet and I was embarassed to admit I hadn’t.

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