Cottage pro

I believe I was born to cottage.  I really do.

I’m sure most people think that they were too.  I’m also sure that most would never recognize the degree of skill and fortitude it takes to cottage like a pro.  They might think that they could handle the intense level of vacationing.  They probably believe that they have the stamina to maintain that perfect balance of fun & relaxation mixed with a tinge of work.  But I believe it takes an extraordinary amount of  focus and desire to achieve a perfect harmony in what I have deemed ‘cottaging’.  It’s not camping, it’s not being on a cruise… it’s cottaging.

I believe I have achieved a near perfect recipe for doing so.  It will be my life’s work to teach that lesson to my children.  Not by what I say but by what I do.  And as always, take pictures.  Here’s some to share from our latest adventure.

aug fun 081

My friend, Megan’s daughters (Makayla & Savannah) with Emma

aug fun 114

My friend, Sandy’s sons (Zach & Jesse) with Gerrit out on the boat

aug fun 111

Emma and I out on the boat

aug fun 259

Makayla & Emma tubing together

aug fun 273

Jesse & Gerrit on the boat

aug fun 290


aug fun 292


aug fun 311


aug fun 335

Gerrit & I

aug fun 337

Fishing time

aug fun 343

Emma’s wonderous sand castle

aug fun 317

Sandy, myself & Megan

I would like to thank all those that have helped me realize my full cottage potential.  My father-in-law & my mother-in-law, my dear friend Cheri and my amazing friend Sandy.  You saw in me a cottaging talent that I might not have ever fully aspired to without your endowment.  Thank you


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2 Responses to Cottage pro

  1. I love Emma’s “Thumbs Up” on the tube. I see a strong cottaging future for her already.

  2. bigbinder says:

    Hey – I looked for you guys when we were done with the scavenger hunt but couldn’t find you – my email is toddjenrees (at) hotmail (dot) com – so email me with any questions about Scholastic!

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