The mind forgets but not the heart


Have you ever had a moment that you realized your life wasn’t where you wanted it to be?  You’re plugging along and bam… it hits you.  This isn’t what you had planned and you have no idea how you ended up on this road.  It’s amazing how far away you can get before it dons on you.

It seems our lives are like swimming in the ocean.  If you aren’t paddling against it, the current can sweep you away.  Unknowing of how far you’ve been carried away. 

I’ve found myself further than I ever wanted to be.  Struggling to find myself and the vision I held before.  Life takes purpose and whether you live it on purpose or not, it happens around you. 

Relationships change.  They either evolve or they dissolve.  Without  care and attention, they can end up looking like the plant on my kitchen counter.  Wilted and thirsty.  It’s then that you realize just how much you miss the beauty.  You miss the blossoms and warmth.  The comfort that it gave you before.  It’s missing.  You long for it to be as it was.  And you wonder how to revive what once was. 

You question if it can be saved, if it’s worth trying.  You feel the pain in that thought.  The fact that you’re in a place that you could ever wonder.  Then, you feel the fear.  What if it can’t be saved?  A terrifying possibility you’ve never had to face.  You realize just how much you want it to be.

Under it all, the thing that brings you back is love.  Your heart remembers it.  It longs for what it’s known before.  It pulls you back.  For the mind forgets but not the heart


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One Response to The mind forgets but not the heart

  1. Alexandra says:

    i totally agree

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