Resolving to be resolute

Aaaahhh!!!  What the heck happened to my blog?  One might start to suspect that I had disappeared like the 2009 calendars.  Swallowed up by a snow bank on my way to drop children at a school.  But no, here I am.  I apologize for the neglect.  As with all things in life, blogging tends to be cyclical depending on what is or what’s not happening in life and I was definitely in a down turn of mine.  Let us begin the upswing… shall we?  In honor of that upswing, let me share with you something that I’ve kept secret for far too long.

As the new year begins, I am quickly reminded of how much I disdain New Year Resolutions.  While I am always on my constant quest (and encourage others to be) of the better me, I am adamant against setting a resolution for the new year.  I’m not sure if it’s one thing more than another or just the accumulative offense of it that bothers me so much about them.  I just know that every year, when I hear mention of people’s new years ‘resolutions’, I cringe inside. 

I guess it’s always perplexed me that people decide just one tiny time a year to be self-reflective.  It’s so often the only time that they take a peek at themselves and decide that there’s room for growth.  All you have to do is open the Target add every Sunday in January to see that people (as a species) are completely predictable.  All throughout the ad there’ll be workout ads, weight equipment, workout equipment, spandex clothes and Ali ads.  I’m guessing the number one resolution in America is to get healthy & diet.  Gyms across America are jam-packed with well-meaning people, trying to stick to their guns and become that person they dared to dream that they could be.  As February rolls in, those ads aren’t selling the same kind of things.  Gone is the gym equipment and workout clothes.  Taking its familiar place again, the chips & cookies ads. 

So what happened?  Did people in fact make New Year resolutions or were they really New Year best of intentions?  Let’s be honest.  If a person can be completely content to fail (in their own minds) 11 months out of the year, why is it that writing a new year on their checks suddenly inspires them for a few moments?

I say to hell with New Year’s resolutions!  Let’s just resolve to be resolute, regardless of the date.  Dare to say change is hard but damn it, I’m gonna do it.  Change cuz you want to, not because it’s what you do on that holiday.  Know that we all suck in some capacity and we all have room to grow on a daily basis, not just in January.  Or if one absolutely insists on making a New Year’s resolution, could they also agree to make some non New Year’s resolutions too?


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2 Responses to Resolving to be resolute

  1. Meg says:

    AMEN SISTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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