Playtime is over

“I am going to kick your butt today and I am not even playing”

Those are the words said by Shaun T within seconds of starting day 1 of month 2.  I quickly realize that he is truly not playing.  I suffer through the next hour in pain.  Barely managing to complete it.  The warm up alone left me gasping for breath and begging for a break.  It didn’t help that I’d spent the 20 min before doing the Fit Test. 

I struggle for a way to describe just how painful month 2 of Insanity is.  The word hard seems puny in comparison to the pain you’re left feeling.  I truly felt like I’d never worked out before in my entire life.  As if I’d spent the last 2 years perfecting my couch potato technique.  I kept trying to remind myself of the miles I’d run over the years, the conditioning my body had gone through then and the soreness I felt after the workouts in month 1.  But that didn’t help.  Those things were all a joke compared to what I was trying to do now.  Where were all the muscles I’d built?  Apparently, I had none.

Month 2 is seriously the hardest thing my body has ever had to do.  At this point, we’ve done all the workouts so there’s no surprises left which is partly a good thing and partly bad.  I won’t be shocked when Shaun instructs me to do some crazy new move but then again, I know the pain that is to come.  2.5 weeks left


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