Tiny Dancer

Saturday was this year’s father/daughter dance.  Emma was, of course, very excited to go.  She picked out a dress to wear and we curled her hair.  Gerrit had bought her a little Hello Kitty perfume and lip gloss kit for Christmas and I reminded her that she should probably wear some of it.  She chose her blueberry scent and I showed her where ladies spray their perfume.  We changed her earrings and Dan agreed she could wear a little of her lip gloss.  She was ready to go!

Dan said they had fun.  She danced with her friends some and hung out with them.  He asked her if she wanted to dance to a slow song and she said no, it felt like they were dating then.  Really???  They got their picture taken together, she got 2 pink carnations and she learned how to do the Robot Dance pretty well, in my opinion.  A wonderful night for an adorable little girl.


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