This here giraffe

Today is Emma’s first oral report.  Yes, I know what you’re thinking… she’s only 6, why does she have an oral report?  I thought the same thing when I first read the requirements for this long term project.  Then I reminded myself that I love their school because they are different and in order to be different, sometimes they have to be different.  Got it. 

A project like this can quickly turn into a parent’s job.  At this age, they can’t just complete it start to finish.  But how much involvement is acceptable?  I faced this same dilemma when Gerrit had to complete a giant map for his Young 5’s class.  He’s 5, how much coloring and labeling of continents (and equator) can he accurately do?  I held the same philosophy then as I do now… this is his project and while I guide him, he ultimately has to do it himself.  He did the best he could and I was proud of his map hanging in the hallway.  Was it the prettiest?  The neatest?  No.  But unlike some of the maps that were perfectly written and colored with not so much as a color outside the lines, I could say for sure that he had done his own work.  I did  not.

And so Emma began this project under the same guidance.  Do your best, do what you can.  The most important thing is YOU do it.  Dan would read her giraffe book to her and she learned about them.  She decided to draw pictures with facts on them to present.  I asked her the questions that she needed to talk about.  I let her pick her ‘interesting facts’ that she wanted to share in addition.  She decided what facts she wanted to present with each picture and it’ll be her up there talking.  I’ll be behind a camera smiling and encouraging… right where I belong.

This picture is where she explains that a giraffe is 18ft tall and daddy is 6ft tall, so it would take 3 daddies to be as tall as a giraffe

Giraffe’s favorite food is acacia leaves

Giraffes live in Africa

That’s a lion that the giraffe is kicking

A baby giraffe is called a calf

Birds clean giraffes by eating the bugs on them & giraffes can sleep with their eyes open or closed (i did not know either of those facts before her report)


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3 Responses to This here giraffe

  1. Duh says:

    It pisses me off when the kids have a project to do, and when it’s all said and done half of the kids’ parents are the ones that do it. You can totally tell the kid didn’t do it themselves. So then my kid thinks that his project stinks because it’s not as good.

    As Maddie got older she KNEW the parents’ had done the project and would then wonder why I didn’t help more. I told her she’d appreciate it when she’s in college, and I don’t live in the dorm with her like THOSE types of parents.

    I came up with a compromise. I’m usually the one that comes up with a cool concept for the project, and then they implement it. That way they have a little “wow” factor, but they’ve actually done all the work. I just throw some ideas out there for them to work with.

  2. bigbinder says:

    This was a big deal for the kids, wasn’t it?! Nathan liked Emma’s ‘book’ (he told me about it). I heard about one kid that had a DVD for the class and thought, now what kid knows how to make a DVD?? We just went to the library, and got some books (about gorillas). He chose the facts to share, and he came up with the idea to write them down so he would remember. The wording was goofy – but it was all his. He also wore a gorilla mask, which is probably not a fantastic public speaking move, but whatever. I was still crazy proud of him 🙂

  3. you should be very proud of her. 🙂

    C’s class had a writing assignment for the Young author’s something or other/ he only turned in 1 page, but it was his work.

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