Cooler than me

April showers are supposed to bring May flowers but our April was beautiful this year.  It was unusually warm and we were more than happy to partake in the sunshine.  After a long winter, it was more than welcome.  Dan got the gardens ready for planting & we all took part in planting them.

Dan & the kids planting the green beans

Emma & I planting onions

Emma’s random pose with a hammer in the garden

All planted and waiting to grow

***Disclaimer***  I started this post a couple of weeks ago and for some reason, it wasn’t published.  At this point, our plants are growing and I’ve already had the displeasure of weeding it.  But that’s another post entirely


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2 Responses to Cooler than me

  1. polestarter says:

    Good luck with your garden. What all did you plant? My garden looks funny. Half of it is growing well. I picked 11 tomatoes yesterday. The other half I had to replant. It’s a good thing I don’t depend on it to eat.

  2. Chris says:

    We would be in dire straights if we relied solely on our garden for food LOL. But I’m proud to say that we have been eating our spinach leaves for salad. The green beans are doing pretty good, broccoli is thriving & the corn is about knee high (to me at least). My tomato plants are still growing. I’ve yet to get any tomatoes from them. We also planted watermelon & various salad leaves. It feels really good to still have them alive back there! Maybe I am transforming after all

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