To make you feel my love

The story of us is a beautiful thing… one I love to tell.  It started when we were just kids.  We met and became friends.  Maybe our daily lives didn’t always involve each other but there was always a connection.  Sometimes we hung out a lot, sometimes not as much.  But I always knew you were my friend and I think I always knew how you felt.  Time passed and as fate would have it, we realized what it was that we had. 

You saved me from myself.  You loved me and believed in me.  You taught me how to love, not just you but myself.  You encouraged me, supported me and always loved me.  You saw in me the better me that I could be and you shared that vision with me.  A new hope of what I could be blossomed and grew.  Our life together began and we grew together.  Two kids trying to figure it out.  Sometimes we had our own growing pains but together we always conquered. 

We started as naive kids with love in our hearts and a dream.  We’ve become so much more.  Grown ups, husband & wife, parents.  I cherish it so much more because we’ve done it together. 

You’re my best friend, the one I long to be with.  When times are good, they’re so much sweeter because I get to share them with you.  When times are hard, they’re bearable because you carry the burden with me.  We’re amazing together and lacking without each other.

I adore you.  You’re the man of my dreams and I could not ask for more.  Your patience, your kindness, your humor, your wisdom and logic, your dedication and your love… you’ve taught me to be a better person.  I admire you for the man you’ve become and the man you want to be.  It lifts me up to hear your voice and makes my heart smile when I hear your laughter.   You are my best friend, my husband, my rock and my soulmate. 

The story of us started more than 15 years ago but it’s just the beginning.   Happy Anniversary, babe.  I love you ♥


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These are the pieces of my life and those that make it worth living
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