Sleep like a child

I’ve always loved summer.  As far back as I can remember, summer meant something different to me.  The pains of the year, through the other seasons were somehow forgotten when the summer came.  I don’t know if it was the heat or the sounds of the earth.  The warmth of the day, the peace of the night.  Somehow it changed it all.  Growing up, there was no air conditioning.  You heard and felt it all.  Whether it was a thunderstorm or a humid night. 

My sister’s and my bedroom was above the garage and to escape the heat at night, we’d sleep in the den.  It was a kind of treat to me.  We didn’t camp, we didn’t sleep over at friend’s houses but on a hot summer night we could venture down into the cool of the den. 

The magic of the lightning bugs bursting around me and the breeze in the trees.  Whispering through the branches… like they were telling a story.  I’d strain to hear the secret I was sure they were trying to tell me.  The days were long and filled with sunshine.  The warmth of the sun tingling on my skin.  Staring up at the clouds with my brother, deciding what each one’s fate would be.  He always bested me with his but he always made me laugh.  He was my best friend and what could be better than spending a summer day with that?

I remember the brightness of the stars through the black sky.  A steamy Florida night, watching shooting stars flashing across the sky.  Making wishes upon them.  Shrimp fishing with my dad.

A hot night along the Grand River, sitting on a blanket with my family.  Barely old enough to stay awake so late.  Fireworks bursting above my head and beating in my heart.  Their colors exploding in the night sky.  Awe inspiring for a child.

A summer drive with my mom at the wheel.  No destination in mind.  Just enjoying the time that it held.  Feeling the wind whipping my hair, watching cornfields pass by.  Smelling farms in the distance.

The summer has a way of feeling so singular.  It stands out.  Not just as a season but by each moment.  A singular time, a singular event.  Each breeze, each smell, the bugs that fly and annoy.  The flowers that bloom and their scent that lingers.  They’re so uniquely of summer.  Their memory so distinctive.

I don’t know if everyone loves summer as much as I do.  I feel like it’s nearly impossible.  I try to live every moment of the time I get.  Traveling, doing, seeing.  Enjoying the moments.  You only get 1 summer in every year and you only get the years you get. 

I think I get summer because I don’t just live it, I feel it.  My memories are filled with the scent of summer, the feel of summer, the sound of summer.  When I see the wind rustling the trees with a warm breeze, the waves lapping at the shore and katydids chirping, it fills my heart.  Sometimes it brings me to tears at the joy I feel inside.  Filling my heart until it feels like it’ll burst.  So much more than a season.  The way that a song can tug at your heart and make you feel a memory.  My summer is a song.


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3 Responses to Sleep like a child

  1. polestarter says:

    I think summers in Michican are as good as southern CA. A lot less people and more out door stuff to do. I would love to have a summer cabin in northen Michian, may be even the UP.

  2. Nicole says:

    I love memories of summer as a kid. I can only hope that my kids have memories just as great when they grow up!

  3. I want my kids to have these kind of memories too. We need to get out of the burbs and into the wild.

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