Young Folks

I’ve come to realize that many a thing can make you a bad blogger… work, vacations, birthday parties, exercise and let’s not forget about Facebook.  Those are just the top of the list.  It seems strange that the very act of living the life you wish to blog about can deter you from writing about it.  But yet, here I am. 

I was uploading some new pictures (of which I hope to post a few) and I noticed an older album from December 2008.  It was from Gerrit’s preschool Christmas program and it dawned on me that I never posted those pics.  Bad blogger indeed.  It felt good to look at those pictures and see the difference in the kids.  The ultra chubber wubber cheeks have slimmed down considerably and they’ve grown taller.  Enjoy a taste a Christmas past…

Gerrit playing with his hands… they used to be his favorite toy

Fat hands and chunky cheeks

Little dudie

The Gerrit of today with our friend’s son Zac

Emma after cheer practice December 2008 @ Gerrit’s program

Little stinker

Emma in the same exact uniform with her coach Miss Tina May 2010


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2 Responses to Young Folks

  1. Gayle says:

    Aww your kids are adorable! I really enjoyed your post last year about your little girl’s house hunting. I especially like the photo of the pink house. Can I write a little post about it on my blog? I just wanted your permission first 🙂

  2. Chris says:

    Thanks Gayle! And absolutely, you can use the pink house. I just happened upon it on the internet. Thanks so much for reading ☺

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