Makes me wonder

Sometimes I wonder, living out loud… what does it mean?  I see it all the time.  It’s on posters, on slogans.  Everywhere you go and everyone you know has heard it.  Live out loud.   But what does it mean?  Does it mean see more, say more, do more?  Living a purposeful life instead of just letting life happen to you?  I’m not sure.  But I’m pretty damn sure that Facebook isn’t what it means.  Let me explain…

I think that Facebook has become a phenomenon of ‘living out loud’.  People post their most private and intimate thoughts under the guise of status.  They feel bold by having stepped out and shared these ideas, probably ideas that have been pent up for a long time.  But is it really boldness when it’s typed onto a screen?  A shield of privacy set before them and an ability to be almost anonymous.  Would someone dare share these thoughts in a crowded room of those same ‘friends’ while holding a microphone?  I wonder.  Would the person who bequeaths their undying love for their mate do so while those same hundreds of eyes looked upon them?  Would a person dare to cut down that person they so callously decreed an A-hole to all eyes that could read them on Facebook do the same with their own voice?  Or would they quietly vent to a close friend who might talk some reason into them and that fight not escalate into a full blown war.  I wonder.

I see so many things put on Facebook that seem absurd and I start to wonder if people are really living out loud or are they trying to fulfill an alter ego that’s been festering inside them?  To have more friends than they possibly had in high school.  Be tough as nails on FB while still cow towing to every person in their  real lives.  The positive, do gooder they hope they can really be.  It makes me wonder.

Maybe we’re all looking for an alternative universe to participate in and Facebook is an easy solution.  It’s the place where we can have the sensation of living out loud without the risk of actually doing so.  A place to feel like we’re something else, something we’ve always wanted to be.  Maybe that’s why it’s so popular… or maybe it’s just that damn Farmville.  Still I wonder.


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One Response to Makes me wonder

  1. Yeah. Liking something and living out loud are probably not the same thing. And one way digital communication broadcasts are not really the conversations people think they are…

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