What’s that you say little girl?


You are not omniscient… and I find it ironic that you don’t know that.

That is what I’d really like to say on my Facebook status.  I’d like to leave it there until those that are ‘all knowing’ get it.  Do you know anybody like that?  Somebody that needs to hear that statement?  The sad thing is that they wouldn’t get that you meant it for them.  They’d think it was for someone else.  And they’d feel the need to vocalize it to those unfortunate souls.

Is it human nature that makes a person believe they know it all?  We all stumble along in life and our gigantor failures should serve as reminders to us that we’re all idiots in some capacity or another.  There is no perfect person.  No perfect parent, no perfect friend, no perfect neighbor, no perfect driver, no perfect pet, child, sister/brother, etc.  And so I would think that none of us have anything to be ashamed by admitting when we don’t know about a topic.  Why are we afraid to admit when we’re ignorant?  Don’t we all find a person much more attractive when they fess up to not being an expert instead of being arrogant and self righteous?  We all know a person like that.  And you’re thinking of them now, aren’t you?  They’re the ‘one upper’ person.  That guy that has to best every story you tell or know some much more than you do.  The baddest & bestest of them all.

Life has to be way harder when you’re responsible for knowing it all.  It has to be exhausting when you have to be perfect and know the answer to every topic on the planet.  I can’t imagine how difficult that must be.  Trying to fake it through conversation after conversation.  Never learning more because you’d have to admit first that you didn’t know.  How sad.

I like not knowing it all and saying so.  Admitting that I’m not far from being a domesticated ignoramus has been incredibly helpful.  People have taken the time to help me grow and understand because I’m honest when I say “I don’t know what you’re talking about”.  I don’t know anything about baking, my plants outside are alive by sheer luck at this point and my corn on the cob tastes like butt.  Just last week, I accidentally blew the grill up in my face and singed off my arm hair, some of the hair on my head & half  of my eyelashes.  If I knew everything about everything, I would have had to come up with a ridiculous story to explain my hair’s absence.  And I couldn’t even begin to total the number of people who find my blog by googling ‘camping fail’ (feel bad for them).  The nice thing about saying “I suck at (fill in the blank)” means that people lower their expectations to a level I might actually be able to accommodate or they lend me some advice.  Either way, I figure it’s a win.

I guess what I’m trying say is… it’s ok to not know it all.  There’s a freedom that comes from saying what people have probably already figured out.  I think you’ll find it’s as refreshing to verbalize as it is to hear.  Go ahead and try it… I just know you want to 😉


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4 Responses to What’s that you say little girl?

  1. Why was this an incoming link to my blog? Are you trying to tell me something? 🙂 Or was it that I just listed my top ten failures last week…

  2. Duh says:

    It IS exhausting, and I thank you for your sympathy. But I have an idea for you…why not refrain from doing activities that you know nothing about if they are capable of killing or disfiguring you? Making corn that tastes like butt is one thing, trying to burn half your face off is another.

  3. Chris says:

    You’re right, Duh. I should leave things that involve flames to the pro’s but every once and again, I crave the delicious flavor of grilled meat. When Dan works late a lot of summer evenings, that means I have to step up and try. I do think we’re going to invest in a newer grill though. That should help alleviate the blowing up of the flames on my face… hoping. And as a side note, my cooking is not what makes my corn taste like butt, it’s the actual corn itself. Somehow my gardening made it taste horrific.

  4. Duh says:

    Mmmm, I love the smell of my own charred flesh every once and again. Hahaha!

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