Questions, so many questions…

I’ve always lived comfortably in the world of question marks.  I often ponder and ask people about things that I’m assuming most don’t consider.  As far back as I can remember, I’ve been curious.

When I was in 1st grade, we were told we needed to write a book for the Young Authors competition.  I set to work and quickly had my story in which I titled “Why do I ask so many questions?”.  Looking back now, I realize it could have been my very first blog post because it was based on my true life events.  The story begins with me asking a couple of questions to my sister and my brother.  They inevitably got irritated with me for bothering them with my questions.  I then proceeded to ask a series of people who also became annoyed and ends with my mom finally telling me the answers.  A silly little tale that never won the YA award but a foreshadowing of my future indeed.

My parents always nurtured that part of me.  I thank them for that.  They answered question after question tirelessly and without getting irritated at me.  I’m so glad that they cultivated my brain to not only wonder about things but to try and find the answer.  Contemplation and observation were encouraged and promoted.  I’m sure they weren’t as happy about it when I began to question their authority but that’s a whole different blog post.

Ironically enough, I wonder sometimes if other people contemplate the things that bounce around in my brain.  Do other people sit at a stop light and wonder where the person next to them is going?  If they have a family?  What’s their job like?  What are they thinking about right now?  If we met, would we be friends or would I think they were a tool?  The questions vary person to person but there’s an endless supply of them. 

Are other people bothered with the inability to find out these things like I am?  It truly drives me a little crazy when I see a car with a dent and I can’t ask them how they got it.  There’s a story behind that ding and I want to hear it!  I love to sit with people at work and ask them about their lives.  Tales of their past are so entertaining to me.  Where they used to live, past jobs, travels they’ve taken.  People will give you a tiny glimpse into their lives if you just ask and I seem to be the willing participant.

In all my questions, I have to be careful though.  It’s a fine line between inquiring about someone’s past and looking like a future stalker.  A quick leap from innocent inquiry to nosy nelly.  I wonder how many times I stumble into obnoxious instead of just interested in someone’s mind.  The battle between Creepy Chris & Curious Chris rages on.


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