Emma and Gerrit are experiencing the lull that comes from a long term goal.  The novelty of running 26.2 miles has worn off and the end is too far off for them to feel relief.  I can relate.  It happens to all of us.  Everyone knows how far the high of making a new commitment will take them.  The excitement, the thrill of starting it.  Halfway thru, it starts to wear thin.  17 miles logged and a week and half away from race day.  The next 8 miles will by far be the hardest mentally for them.

I have to give them credit though.  They keep pressing on and each run has way less prodding from me for them to keep running or go faster.  Surprisingly, Gerrit has really started to shine.  His stride, once unnatural and awkward has become an efficient gait.  He can run the whole mile without stopping once and with a pace fast enough to keep me running alongside instead of just a fast walk.  Emma is often tired from her full days of school by the time we run and lately she’s been struggling to run the whole thing at the same pace as Gerrit.  But I believe the whine of frustration in her voice is more of getting beaten by her brother than anything else.  Still, she presses on and I’m so incredibly proud of both of them.

I love watching them striving for this elusive goal.  Getting stronger, gaining confidence and being a part of Team Mighty B.  That’s our family, in case you didn’t know.  We make up other teams that we’re racing against.  Last night, we smoked Team Other People who were just too lazy to even come outside.  There’s an incredible bond that comes from running and I’m so happy that I get to nurture that in my kids.  They’re learning great lessons from this.  The power of determination, goals take work and that you need to pee before you run.

As I mentioned before, Gazelle Sports is being awesome and giving kids prizes at the 5, 13 & 20 mile marks.  Last week, we headed up there and the kids got their very own 13.1 stickers to proudly display their accomplishment.  Sounds like a perfect decoration for my minivan.  Forget soccer mom… I’m sticking to marathon mom ☺


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