The Mighty B brings it

It was time again for Emma’s Regional Cheerleading competition.  Her team of Middleville-Otsego had gotten split.  Each city, their own team now.  We weren’t sure where that would put us as far as a medium size or large size team.  Fortunately, we had the same coach (ps who I love).  They did a great job and while being admittedly biased, Emma did a super job.  Watch and enjoy.

They did it!  They took 1st place for medium size teams.  She was so excited & that means we’ll be going to State competition in January.  Great job Middleville girls!


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2 Responses to The Mighty B brings it

  1. Cheri says:

    Great job Emma. I loved your cheer.

  2. Oh it’s already been broughten! It is my professional opinion as a former Pom Pon girl that Emma is DA BOMB!! She rocked it!!

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