Have yourself a merry little Christmas

Christmas is a busy time of year for everyone.  The hustle & bustle of holiday shopping.  Cooking, baking, parties & get-togethers.  In my mind, it’s the shortest month of the year because it flies by so fast.  The days tagged by events.  Measuring time between them.  I would say most people do a collective ‘phew’ when it’s all said and done.  Enjoyed but glad to get back to the normality of real life.   Extended family time best savored in small doses, like a rich chocolate dessert.

Our December, like most, was crazy.  It seems like the days tumbled into each other until I can’t really define one day from the other.  My mom gave us a little scare there, ending up in the hospital for a bit.  Post-surgery, she’s recovered & doing great now.  We had 2 nephew’s birthdays to celebrate this month & Emma’s cheer competition.  Every weekend, booked solid.  And that was before the Christmas parties even started.

I managed to send Christmas cards to friends & family this year for the first time in a couple of years.  I used to be good about it but somehow during the kid’s toddlers years, I never quite got the time.  It felt good to send them out again.  A piece of Christmas that I’d been missing.  It seemed as though we received less than we normally do.  I don’t know if mailing out cards is a lost art at this point or if my lack of spreading the Christmas cheer got us axed off some people’s list.  My hope is that cards haven’t gone out of style and that maybe people were just a little too busy this year.  I might be old fashioned but it’s nice to have my friends & families faces & kind words smiling at me as I pass the cupboard they’re all taped to.  A reminder of what the season is about and that we’re loved.

Our Christmas felt special.  The kids( 7 & 6) at that tender age where they believe in Santa and their excitement for Christmas morning can barely be contained.  Emma was so stressed about falling asleep in time for Santa to come that she didn’t go to sleep until 11 and then promptly awoke at 3am, 4am and finally at 5am I reminded her that we weren’t getting up at the crack of dawn so she might as well go back to sleep.  Poor girl.  I’m sure it was torturous to lay in bed trying to fall asleep again after having seen the presents under the tree. 

Kids make Christmas even more special.  Getting to see them so excited & how magical it is for them.  The kids had a chance at their school to shop for each other and pick something without our guidance.  My heart melted as they (unprompted by us) stopped unwrapping presents from Santa in order to exchange gifts.  First, Emma gave Gerrit his.  She had gotten him 3 smaller items with her money and as he opened his, she explained her reasoning behind each item.  Then Gerrit gave Emma hers.  You could tell that they’d spent time considering and choosing what to get each other.  It was sweet to see not only what they had picked but to see that it mattered to both of them that the other liked the gift.  It was a proud moment for this mom and one that will be remembered in my heart.

2011 will be upon us in no time at all, folks.  Enjoy the time you get with your loved ones.  Happy holidays☺


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