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The Interlocutor

A funny thing happened on the way to do homework this week.  What started as skepticism has brought (hopefully) enlightenment. Monday night, I pulled out Gerrit’s homework packet and saw that along with a worksheet on the letter e, there … Continue reading

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Man in the box

I used to smoke.  As in, a real smoker.  Not the kind that dabbled every once in a while in the company of my friends.  You know, that friend that occasionally asks to bum one while they’re buzzed or just so they can take … Continue reading

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Hello walls

Lately my mind has been a blur of random thoughts with no clear intent or purpose.  Sometimes, it’s nice to release them so they stop rattling around in my brain.  I know what you’re thinking… “oh, goody!” A Man & … Continue reading

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What the hell

About a year ago, our dog Bailey started getting a couple sores around her nose.  Right beneath her nostrils, scabs started appearing for no reason.  I tried triple antibiotic ointment but it didn’t help.  Next we tried changing her food & … Continue reading

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