What the hell

About a year ago, our dog Bailey started getting a couple sores around her nose.  Right beneath her nostrils, scabs started appearing for no reason.  I tried triple antibiotic ointment but it didn’t help.  Next we tried changing her food & water bowls, thinking maybe she’d somehow become allergic to plastic or metal.  Even with the glass bowls, she kept getting the mysterious scabs.

Time went on and the scabs started getting worse.  As disgusting as it sounds, we were afraid that she was causing them herself by pulling them off to eat them.  Gross… I know.  I got her a cone and forced her to wear it for a couple of weeks.  Although it was slightly entertaining watching her try to navigate around the house, there was no gain in the scab war.  In fact, they seemed to be spreading.  Moving down her chin and just a hint at the corner of her eyes.  I googled her symptoms but couldn’t find any useful information.  The scabs continued to form and worse yet, they would get peeled off and she’d bleed.  It was time to go to the vet.

To be honest, I was nervous taking her.  The last time I took one of my pets to the vet, I came home alone and I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to Bay.  The vet came in and my scabby faced princess wagged her whole body.  She obviously thought it was a great idea to be there.  He examined her, took a quick sample of her sore and went to look at it under the microscope.  He returned a few minutes later with a book.  Bailey had lupus… huh?  He opened up the book and showed me a couple of pictures that looked similar to her problem.  A prescription of steroids & antibiotics should do it but if not, then she would need to take niacinamide for the rest of her life. 

I had no idea that dogs could get lupus.  When I got home, I googled doggy lupus and found the name for hers is discoid lupus.  Apparently it’s very common in German Shepards.  Weird stuff.  So far, she’s finished all of her steroids, the antibiotics and gets 2 doses of niacinamide & glucosamine every day.  The scabs are gone, her skin is healing and fur is actually starting to grow back!  It’s exciting to see her more social and being more active.  She seems to be feeling better and I’m glad we finally figured out what was going on.

Bailey in her cone of shame 😦

Bailey at the vet for her checkup.  Getting better!


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