Hello walls

Lately my mind has been a blur of random thoughts with no clear intent or purpose.  Sometimes, it’s nice to release them so they stop rattling around in my brain.  I know what you’re thinking… “oh, goody!”

A Man & His Dog

Yesterday while I was driving the bus, I passed by a house where a man was playing his guitar.  In the field behind his house, he sat in a lawn chair with his dog attentively sitting a foot in front of him.  The man was clearly playing his guitar & singing directly to his dog and the dog seemed to be enjoying it.  As I drove by, I wondered which was weirder… that the man was serenading his dog in the middle of a field or that the dog seemed accustomed to such an event.  I’m still undecided.

Tags, shirts and trickery

The invention of the tagless shirt is a great thing.  No longer do you have that flap scraping at your neck and irritating you throughout the day.  But it dawned on me the other night that our so called ‘tag-less’ shirts are really no such thing.  They simply shifted the tag to the side.  Now it gets to annoy your ribcage instead of your neck.  Is that a better solution or have we all been duped?

Secret gardens

I wonder which is the greater battle… keeping your own secret or keeping someone else’s?  Obviously, self motivation plays a role in protecting your own but the fear of failing another also keeps their’s safe.  It makes me feel good when a friend entrusts me with their secret.  Thinking high enough of me to believe I’ll honor their request to keep it on the down low.  But how do you repair it when you accidentally slip?  Can an apology make it better?  Or are you forever dubbed a blabber mouth.

Bad things

A recent local news story has really made me stop and consider the consequences of our choices.  I’ve always believed that in the end, our collection of decisions would judge the value of our lives.  Make enough good ones and it will overshadow the poor ones we make.  But reality is that you can live a good life, being a kind and decent human being, good choice after good choice, only to have one bad decision toss all that aside.  One bad move can forever alter the course of your (and others) life.  We all fail in life but unfortunately, some failures can’t be overcome.  That thought terrifies me.

Old skool

A friend of mine shared on Facebook that the mystery reader for her son’s class had read a story from her iPad.  Immediately, I was saddened by this and that was really a surprise to myself.  I had no idea that I felt strongly about literature being in book form but apparently I do.  Someday, I fear libraries becoming as extinct as dinosaurs.  Something to be displayed in a museum behind a velvet rope instead of held in our hands.  Technology can certainly be our friend but in this case, it feels like a travesty.  Will coffee tables soon have laptops, iPods and iPads instead of magazines and books?  (Really, I had no idea I was such a sentimental fool)

 I’m in desperate need of new music

I often think of my life as having a soundtrack.  I’m not sure if other people think that but I find songs as an incredible way to express the thoughts I’m feeling.  Music often inspires me to write or motivates me to movement.  The problem I find is how to do you continue becoming when your music has been so overplayed, you no longer feel anything?  Typically, this is when I switch genres and try to tap into a different part of me.  My journey for new inspiration has begun again.  Suggestions are requested and greatly appreciated 🙂


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