Today is the first of my song challenge and ironically I’m struggling not to fail.  The problem came when I looked at the list.  Day 1 is to list your favorite song.  Sounds simple, right?  That’s what I thought at first.  Perfect way to start.  Then I started trying to narrow down my favorite songs to the ultimate, most beloved, movingest song that my ears have ever heard.  When I put it like that, holy cow it became hard.  So I’m taking the cop-out way.  I’ve decided to move backwards into this list, starting at Day 30.  Let’s begin.

Day 30~ Favorite song at this time last year

OMG~ Usher featuring Will.I.Am

So easily fits the description of this post.  Normally, I need to hear a song a time or two before I start to like it but this song was unlike any other.  I immediately loved it and had to buy it.  Which makes it unusual in another way… I paid money for it!!  Usher & Will.I.Am are a perfect fit together and they pulled off one of the best club songs I’ve ever heard.  And the bonus was that he says oh my gosh (not god) so for once my kids can listen to my music 😉  Unfortunately, the video reminded me of why I choose to listen to my music instead of watch it.  Regardless, I still love OMG and think it’s one of those renown songs that everyone has heard and everyone can sing.  Feel free to share your favorite song from last year at this time.


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8 Responses to OMG

  1. Megan L. says:

    Hi, Chris! Bet you didn’t even know I was a blog stalker. I’m outted now. And, I just have to say, I love the 30-day song challenge. If I ever start a blog, I will totally steal it. I can’t wait to end by hearing your fav song. Talk with you soon!

  2. Chris says:

    That’s great cuz I absolutely LOVE being blog stalked 😉 Maybe if I post more, it might be a little more exciting for those that stop by but never say hi. I’m so glad there’s people reading!!!

  3. Duh says:

    If I could wear out a digital music file on my ipod by playing it too much (like I did to my Wilson Philips cassette), I would have worn this song out. I call Jason Derulo the poor man’s Usher.

  4. Traci Meendering says:

    I wanna play too! For this one I’d have to say La Roux’s Bulletproof…LOVE it!

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