The show goes on

Day 17~ A song you hear often on the radio

Quite a few years ago, I discovered a jewel of a rapper named Lupe Fiasco.  A lyrical genius in my opinion, it saddens me that he’s so unappreciated.  So when his Lasers album was released and I started hearing this song on the radio, I was delighted.  Lupe isn’t your typical rapper.  His songs are smart and have a meaning behind them.  His prose has a message and hopefully you don’t let the fact that it’s being delivered with a great beat distract you from the value.


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2 Responses to The show goes on

  1. Duh says:

    I can turn on the radio at any time, day or night, and this song will be on at least one channel. That’s ok because I really love it. If I were a stripper I would dance to this song.

  2. Chris says:

    I think if you really loved it like you said, you’d become a stripper JUST to dance to it. That’s what real love is…

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