Cinderella and the A train

Spring is insane.  My schedule goes from relatively full to jam packed and craziness envelopes my days.  I wake early in the morning and keep on going til the sun is finally setting down over the tops of my neighbor’s houses.  Between working extra hours, the kid’s spring sports and all their field trips these days… my head is spinning.  Yard work, house work, laundry, pick up children, feed your people then bring children somewhere else.  It never stops.  AND let’s not forget that it’s nearly swimsuit season.  So better bring your A game everyday with a serious workout lest we have another one of these moments

I realize that women all over America are doing the same exact thing as me.  Juggling schedules, fitting it all in.  They probably do it year round even!  I know I’m not special because I’m doing this right now.  I’m just saying that I feel like I’m chasing my tail. 

Doing it and doing it without my LL Cool J moment of doing it well.  No matter what I manage to accomplish, it feels like I’m still failing.  Always a chore to be done, a place to be and an obligation to be filled.  I keep reminding myself it’s just for a season.  Spring will be over soon and my reward will be summer.  My time to chill a little bit more.  Spend more time with the kids, with Dan and some friends.  Just a few more weeks of running hard.  But for every day that passes, it feels like an eternity away.


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