Low Rider

Day 6~ A song that reminds you of somewhere specific

Songs have a way of bringing you back to a specific moment in time.  Some are good, some are bad and some are just a reminder of a certain time.  This song takes me back to a very specific place…

The Quad 6 was a movie theater that cost you $1 to see a movie.  And no, I’m not saying that in the ‘back in my day, we could get a burger, see a movie and still get change from a dollar bill’ kind of way.  No, the Quad was dirt cheap and the best friend of any girl that wanted to go out on a date.  Even the brokest guy could scrounge up $2.

Then came the day that the Quad was closing.  Every teenager in town was sad.  How would we ever see a movie ever again?  Dazed & Confused had just hit that theater when the news was announced and I believe the entire EK class of ’95 made it their mission to watch that movie as many times as we could before they closed their doors.  The employees were beyond caring about rules (like smuggling in drinks) and as long as you paid your $1, you were gold. 

Low Rider was gold on that sound track and I don’t think I’ll ever hear it without picturing myself sitting in a darkened theater.  Tons of teenagers around me and the sound of beer bottles rolling down the floor.  Ah… good times.


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One Response to Low Rider

  1. Traci Meendering says:

    Perfect! Fond memories of that place…RIP Quad!

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