Day 5~ A song that reminds you of someone

I thought a long time about what to write for this post.  I think that I have songs that remind me of all the people I love and so how do I narrow the selection to 1 person/song?  All that thinking took me back to the very first song I can remember being a symbol of someone I held dear and that brought me back to my childhood days.

A long long time ago, there was a show called Crime Story.  There was a detective named Mike something and it was set in the ’60’s.  My dad loved that show, or at least in my little kid brain he did.  I remember him watching it every week and every week when it came on, I would sing the waa waa waa’s of the theme song Runaway.  He’d laugh at my silliness and that would always make me smile.

You need reminders of some people more than others and I’m glad that this song will always remind me of my dad.  It’s been too long since I’ve seen him but this song will always be ‘our song’.  Love you, dad.


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One Response to Runaway

  1. Bob Moore says:

    You put a tear in my eye, a lump in my throat and a big old smile on my face.

    Love you for ever and ever. Aman.


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