Caught a lite sneeze

Some things you let your kids decide to do and other things you make them do under the guise of “I don’t care if you want to or not, I’m your mom & I’m telling you you’re going to”. 

That’s how gymnastics happened to Gerrit.  A Groupon for 4 gymnastics classes found its way into my email one day and I bought 2, one for Emma and one for Gerrit.  I figured they would love it.  Emma was ecstatic when I told her the news, Gerrit not so much… “I don’t want to do gymnastics”.  “But buddy,” I argued “I think you’re really gonna like it”.  Our conversation volleyed back and forth just like that for a couple of minutes.  Then I uttered those words that moms keep like an ace in the hole. “Well, you’re going to”

And so it was agreed that they would take 4 classes.  No less, no more (at least for Gerrit).  We drove to the gym and I sat patiently on the other side of the glass, watching them as them tumbled and jumped.  Afterwards I asked him if he liked it more than he thought he would.  “Yeah, but not that much” he admitted.

2 classes under their belts and I asked him yesterday his opinion of it now. 

Me: “So dude, how do you like gymnastics now?  More than you thought?”

Gerrit: “Yeah.  I thought I would like it 100% minus 100% but actually I like it 88%”

Me: “Oh yeah?  That much, huh?  How about basketball?”

Gerrit: “100%”

Me: “And soccer?”

Gerrit: “100%”

Me: “Wow, that much?  And gymnastics was… ” my voice trailing off

Gerrit: “88%”

That’s progress, folks.


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