All the wild horses

There’s nothing so amazingly spectacular to me as a summer night.  The winter, cold & bleak.  It’s touch so frigid and distant.  But summer holds such an amazing difference to me.  It’s variance so blatant, I start to wonder if it’s me or does everyone feel this at summer?

Nothing so magical as a summer night. The crickets chirping, the katydids singing their cadence. A spectacular sound so definite and singular that my soul can do nothing but stop & take pause.  Such a blessing, the moment of summer.  I don’t know how to explain it other than to say I feel like when summer starts my soul takes a gasp of breathe.  Like a drowning man strains to fill his lungs full of oxygen, summer fills me.  It’s night, a balm to my heart. The sound, a band aid to my being. Bruised from the cruel, harsh world of winter.

Needing a break.  I sit quietly in the night, windows open. Imagining a story that only the whispers of summer bring to mind. Not a worry to be had. My heart filled with child like wonder, amazement & excitement. Every night, a tease of the day to follow. With hope & awe, I listen to the night. Just knowing if I sit silently and long enough, I’ll understand the infinite wisdom it holds. I close my eyes and inhale deeply.  Inviting summer to share with me the secrets it holds. Because in that sound, that smell, that feeling… lies an incredible lesson. Too fragile and enormous to grasp in the other seasons. A lesson so powerful, words can’t describe yet never fail to move me to tears. Summer is here. 


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