Flight of the passing fancy

Dan’s & my wedding anniversary was June 10.  Eleven years of marriage, we planned on celebrating it this past weekend in Traverse City.  We hated to spend a ton of money on lodging we knew we’d hardly be at.  So we decided to use his parent’s camper.  Thus Campaversary 2011 was born.  It would be a most magnificent weekend, filled to the brim with fun activities.  We shopped a little, gambled at the casino a little, ate a little.  But by far, the funnest thing we did was go kayaking on Torch Lake.

You start with this bag here

Inside it contains a pakboat

On our way

To building this

Into the channel

Paddle, paddle, paddle up stream

Until you’ve paddled into Torch Lake

The most beautiful and pristine lakes I’ve ever seen

Glorious shades of green and blue, changing and shifting

We stopped on the sandbar to catch our breath

And take in the gorgeous scenery

Only a couple of minutes later, this houseboat pulled up next to us

They offered us a tour and let us have a view from the upper deck.  Amazing


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2 Responses to Flight of the passing fancy

  1. Duh says:

    I’ve never heard of a pak boat! I’ve been bugging Dave to get some kayaks, but we really don’t have a place to store them. Did you guys buy those or rent them or what?? They look so cool!

  2. Chris says:

    Aren’t they sweet? We borrowed them from Dan’s dad. I’m not sure where he got them but we’ve used them a couple times now. They are super convenient. And it only took us about 20/min to build each boat which I’m sure would be less with practice. I’ll ask where he ordered them from.

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